the singing marten

Lem is an animal who likes to sing, annoying his neighbours while he's at it.
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JP Mono-pitch

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About Lem

Lem/れむMarten213mm/65g10th July/15Wik (Wiktor S.)


  • Lem is really into SEGA Genesis games and his favourite controller is that of the above-mentioned console;

  • His favourite dish is steamed salmon;

  • Hates the smell of metal and will do a lot to avoid touching it. Clothing with any amount of metal is a no-no. He does enjoy listening to metal though, both the genre and the material;

  • His tail was burnt in his childhood and the fur hasn't ever grown back properly.

  • Originally designed as a weasel, gradually transitioned into being a marten. (him being a weasel isn't cannon)

Terms of use


You may

  • Use him in your original works in an unmodified state;

  • Use him in your original works in a modified state

You may not

  • Claim him as yours;

  • Share media without giving proper credit to the owner—Wik

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Official Reference

Official reference image of Lem's design

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